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March 7, 2014
Randal King had been looking forward to his trip to Baltimore ever since he realized the $20 Get Rich ticket he had purchased last Sunday was a $10,000 winner. Old Man Winter, however, had different plans for the Delmar resident. Originally, the 46-year-old wanted to drive from the Eastern Shore to claim his Maryland Lottery prize on Monday, but a foot of snow made him reconsider. “I put the ticket in a safe and then had to wait since state offices were closed on Monday,” he said. Finally, when the roads cleared, Randal and his daughter made their way to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize. “It only took two-and-a-half hours. We got a little lost along the way, but we made it,” he said, chuckling. Randal selected the Get Rich ticket after checking it out on the Lottery’s website. The Wicomico County resident saw the ticket had a top tier and multiple third tier prizes remaining. “I always go on the website to see which tickets still have prizes left,” he said. Paying off some bills and treating his wife of 26 years to a well-deserved shopping trip are the first things Randal will finance with his prize. He bought the winning ticket at TJ’s Market located on 2805 North Salisbury Blvd. in Salisbury. There is one $1 million top prize and nine $10,000 prizes remaining on the ticket.

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